About Me

Born in 1983 in Germany, I returned to Turkey after a short time.

For 20 years, I trained and served in the Turkish Armed Forces.

I had entrepreneurial experiences in various subjects.

I have participated in various trainings to have in-depth knowledge about sports and fitness. I have read countless books and researches. My book, course and training studies continue.

I continue my current articles here.

I provide fitness counseling to athletes and amateurs who want to achieve their goals.

Read on for detailed explanations of the topics I have mentioned.

Fitness, Sport, Personal Training

In order to carry my passion for sports further, I became a Senior Bodybuilding and Fitness Trainer by completing my 1st Level, 2nd Level and 3rd Level Fitness Trainer trainings at TVGFBF (Turkey Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) at different times.

I continued to receive fitness-related trainings about Personal Fitness Trainer from different organizations.

I received Tactical Training System (about sports activities of operational people) training from EXOS in the U.S. During my military service, I had the opportunity to receive similar sports training in the courses I attended.

I continue to receive training from world-renowned coaches, especially Michael Boyle to improve myself in functional training.

The fitness and sports trainings I receive from federations or private organizations enable me to do this job legally. No matter how many documents you have, documents cannot make you work. Personal research and knowledge are more important in this regard.

For fitness consultancy, you can check the personalized online fitness consultancy page.

Military Background

I graduated from Kuleli Military High School and the Turkish Military Academy respectively. I trained as a helicopter pilot for a short period of time (4 months) and then switched to the infantry class, where I would serve for many years.

I successfully completed the Commando Basic (3 months) and Commando Specialized (7 months) courses. During these courses, I completed underwater and water training, parachute jump training, advanced mountaineering and skiing training, and advanced special unit operations training. During the course period, I received training on sports activities for high-class operational units.

I commanded commando units at various levels in the Turkish Armed Forces. I received a wide range of physical training for missions. I have been involved in the training of commando units and special units for many years.

Online Fitness Course

In order to reach all over the world, I created online course programs within udemy. These programs are courses where you can watch and learn the lessons, where I explain specific topics in the most detailed way.

I currently have 10 Turkish and 2 English courses on fitness & nutrition. I teach more than 30000 students around 360 hours per month. I am constantly adding new courses and updating the lessons.

You can check them on the fitness & nutrition courses page.