What Happens If Women Keep Their Weight Stable and Weight Train?

I haven’t written about it for a while, but I thought it would be good to talk about it, and I’ll explain it with a good example. I’ll be very short and without creating confusion. 

                  I have many female clients and I try to deal with all of them individually, but sometimes it can be difficult to reach a consensus. You know women like to think complex. But body shaping is a very simple and uncomplicated job.

                  I usually advise my female clients to train 3 days a week. Three workouts a week, one day apart, is 12 workouts a month and 144 workouts a year. How hard is it to train 144 times in 1 year? I don’t want it to be hard, I plan it this little so that you can reach your goal in the easiest way. Another thing is that I want them to track their daily calories according to their weight goal. It’s very simple, train and track your calories. 

                  The example I am going to show you here was a client of mine who was already training for a long time. When we started working together, her goal, like every lady, was proper posture, shapely shoulders, slim waist and a fuller butt. She had a long personal trainer experience in the past. So she had put a lot of effort into this. But she was not happy with where she was and her progress had stopped. We made a very simple deal with him. The workouts will be done and the weight will be kept constant. In fact, I should add that he insisted that he wanted to lose weight.

                  Sir, although he stopped and restarted training due to many setbacks on the road, I can say that he trained around 110-120 in 1 year and kept his weight relatively stable during the process. You can see the 1-year measurement change just below. If you examine carefully, every detail is there.

                  The end result is a much slimmer and very tight waist, slightly more shaped and larger hips, wider shoulders and most importantly a posture like you swallowed a rolling pin.

                  As we have said many times, if you keep your weight stable and train regularly, your body will change and you will achieve the above results. Especially if you get enough protein and carbohydrates while keeping your weight stable, even more amazing things will happen.

                  My point here is that the biggest problem I see in women is that they rely too much on the types of diets popularized on social media, despite the fact that they train regularly. What’s not on these diets? No magic words, no magic inventions. But there is no mention of the very simple method of counting and balancing calories, even though it has been emphasized and proven time and time again.  Unfortunately, they gain weight because they are not balanced with magic diets. This affects their results. If you count calories, you can keep everything balanced and on track. I could go on for pages about this, but I said at the beginning that it would be short and not complicated.

                  Sir, let’s add this detail here so that there is no mistake in mind, if your weight is too much, focus on losing 1-2kg per month for better results. You will lose between 12-24kg per year and with the effect of training, you will look like you have lost even more. Let’s not forget to add that the goal is not only to lose weight, but to lose fat and shape the body while preserving muscles. Based on the measurements of my client above, I can say with peace of mind that fat is lost and muscle is gained. See you soon.

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